Shortly after the 9/11 Twin Towers attack in 2001 the well-known Dutch artist Frank Borst created an airplane by his own hand and making, also he painted a large canvas to commemorate the victims of this tragedy.
Frank was inspired by a vision of the plane’s passengers asking him to make a memorial for the loved ones they had left behind.
In his vision they showed him the hundreds of joyful hands lifting the airplane up to the sky and asked him where he wanted to place their monument.
He told them: “Everywhere!
Then they asked him: “Where do you want to locate it specifically?”
He answered: “Any place in Manhatten New York City!”.

At the heart of this airship ( it’s size 26 x 20 feet ) Frank constructed a kaleidoscope of pinball-machines with their amazing lay-outs and colorful lightning. Numerous blinking bulbs seem to symbolize a rainbow of flames.
The result is dazzling, a remarkable Pop Art interior. This experience feels so craftfully guided that it is as if the elementary parts the artist choose for his creation were easy available and close at hand. The contrary is true, they were carefully searched for and selected by him.

Terror-acts like 9/11, the pollution of our environment, past wars as in Bosnia, even much more is present in his choice of subject.


Frank wants to find for his aircraft, a mountain of glass bullets and one of the pilot glass heads a permanent installation in a New York public place.
To raise the necessary initial minimum funding he already started the design of crystal heads and glass bullets, in the production assisted by master blowers from Murano.
Platinum or gold is incorporated in the first layers. Later in the next stages flowers, insects, fishes, other figures and the famous Mille Fiori are placed and positioned.

Frank creates his great art with the assistance of the best master glass blowers of Venezia and Amsterdam.