The fragility of the glass is no problem but the fragility of the artist is.”- Frank Borst

After accidentally slicing his fingers using a saw machine; normal challenges that come with using glass heightened for artist Frank Borst but he hasn’t let the tiny things hinder him from creating. Frank believes the best way to make a living while still living your dream is by “doing”. By “doing” you allow yourself to think while never losing momentum or falling to the fatal “artist block” because you’re constantly creating.

Frank Borst work encourages others to wonder about everything and search for answers on every adventure you find yourself on. His series entitled “Royal Crystal Pilots” shows that he practices what he preaches because of the beautiful way he captured characteristics of pilots through color and play, tight strategic patterns and others with more whimsical organic layout.

“They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. So practice and fail and practice and fail and practice. Nowadays you can even educate yourself by watching tutorials on Youtube…You should share ideas, share craftsmanship, work together as a team, inspire each other and build each other up.”
– Frank Borst on becoming a better artist

Special thanks to Frank Borst for allowing us to highlight him and his work!

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